Let’s talk


In a world of non-verbal communication, we prefer to talk and engage with our clients to see if there is a potential fit between our two companies. We appreciate companies have a wealth of choice when choosing a recruitment partner(s) and perhaps Glue Resourcing isn’t for everyone.

Typically we will conduct an initial call to a prospect client to see if there is potential value in having a conversation perhaps over coffee. We will then ask questions around your business, current recruitment strategy, challenges you face and the types of personnel and service levels you require. No doubt you will have questions for us in order to decide if we are right for you.

In some cases, costs maybe a sensitive topic so we like to address this subject in the early stages of our initial meeting as to not waste each other’s time. Throughout the meeting, it is ok for either party to say “unfortunately I don’t believe there is a fit here” we shake hands and wish each other well. We believe all business conversations should be conducted in such a manner as we recognise there is a cost of change and time is a precious commodity in which you can’t buy back.

We are open, honest and believe in going above and beyond in everything we do. We value our clients and view every opportunity as a chance to shine and bring a recruitment solution which adds significant value to both our clients and candidates.