Psychometric Evaluation Programme

Hiring decisions are often made with a complex web of information. The candidate’s prior achievements, competence, and technical knowledge all need to be assessed, while reference checks often add to the complexity without always adding value. 

A robust selection process should streamline the way of determining the individual’s fit for the role, team and culture. The process should also provide helpful information on how personal attributes help or hinder success once in the role, the team and organisation.

Glue Resourcing partner with Facet5 Audition, a behavioural profiling module which will help determine the necessary attributes for success, from the outset, allowing our clients to select the ideal candidate.

Not only will Facet5 support a good selection process, it will provide information that helps support the new hire and the line manager in the first, often-challenging, three months in the role.  The new hire will know how their behaviours are likely to fit with the role, the team and the culture and the line manager will be able to engage them meaningfully and effectively from day one.