Lontra develops innovative technology that addresses traditional engineering challenges.

We are an engineering technology company founded on the idea that new ways of thinking will change the world, so we started with a technology that is behind many engineering and manufacturing processes across industry: the compressor.

Lontra Technology

Our revolutionary technology, the Lontra Blade Compressor®, the first widely applicable, clean-sheet compressor design in over 80 years, demonstrating proven success in the Water Treatment sector with energy savings of 21%, and more recently demonstrated in trial for pneumatic conveying where it demonstrated savings of over 34%.

The latest version of the technology comes as a fully packaged industrial machine, set to be assembled in a new Lontra manufacturing plant in Birmingham. 

Lontra Mission

At Lontra, we recognise that the need for reduced energy usage is incredibly important for the environment and society. Therefore by making Lontra technology as reliable as possible we can work towards a more efficient, green manufacturing process that will ultimately have a significant effect on downtime and costs for our customers, partners and licensees.

As we grow, our world-class team is growing, populated with open-minded and innovative people who make us proud with their dedication and hard work. 

Lontra Offices

We are situated in the centre of the Midlands. This is especially relevant since the area is renowned for great engineering and manufacturing and as a result, Lontra is in prime position for the future of development in engineering and manufacturing.

Our advanced testing facilities at Lontra's Midlands Technical Centre enable us to control and accurately measure the true performance of our products, namely the Blade Compressor®

In addition to this, Lontra's new compressor plant will open just outside of Birmimgham creating a fantastic opportunity to play a leading role in the development of a new world-class design of compressor.